"I highly recommend the Radiation and Nuclear Detection Symposium sponsored by VIP GlobalNet. It is a forum that brings together government leaders, the scientific community, and practitioners in the fields that must understand one another in a world where WMD is becoming more proliferant. Often strategic leaders do not understand the technological boundaries of radiological and nuclear science that will affect their ability to achieve desired ends. The scientists are challenged in their ability to communicate how small differences in understanding may become exponentially important to the decision makers. Practitioners are caught in the middle. All of these communities desire to save lives and protect our homeland and those of our friends and allies, thus it is incumbent upon us in these communities to exchange ideas and take advantage of well-run professional opportunities such as that offered by the Radiation and Nuclear Detection Symposium". 

 -  Senior Department of Defense Official 

 "VIP GlobalNet, LLC. put on a stellar conference on Radiation and Nuclear Detection in 2013. The agenda was packed with experts in all aspects of the community of interest, federal, state, local officials, academics, national labs for DOE and DOD, and the private sector. I learned more in two days than I could in two weeks of interviews with people in the field. I highly recommend their work." 

 - Carol Kessler, Chair of Nonproliferation and National Security, Brookhaven National Lab  

 "Mr. Pramenko and his team led by Mr. Tony Crego invited and delivered a very influential list of speakers and participants/attendees during a very difficult time for conferences in our Nation's Capital. We highly regard his team's opinion and hard work in creating awareness of CBRNE issues. We strongly recommend this symposium to policy makers and practitioners alike. This is a "must attend" conference for us." 

 - Christopher Gintz - Advanced Nuclear Devices Corporation 

 "The conference was outstanding, providing network opportunities that are not normally found at larger conferences where you are a number on a table. The ability to have one-on-one consultation with conference attendees and the guest speakers provided an added nice touch. VIPGN brings an added dimension to conferences that make a difference to those that really care - potential clients and customers" 

 - George Cunningham - Strategic Solutions Integrated 

 "First, the conference itself was outstanding and well attended by a large number of important stakeholders in the RN (Radiation and Nuclear) community - manufacturers, researchers, DOD, DOD/DTRA, DHS, first responders, standards developers, and many others. To my experience, it was one of the best conferences in this subject area I have attended anywhere, and comprehensively covered the key subjects and players to the benefit of all attending.

Secondly, it was an excellent networking opportunity, and many contacts that I have made at your conferences have become important to our ongoing business development.

Finally, your conferences are well-structured. The grouping of speakers is conveniently arranged so that if people cannot attend the whole conference, they can attend the events that are important to them. The set-up, facilities, catering, and lodging are first-rate, and my compliments to all on your staff.

I look forward to attending the 2014 Radiation and Nuclear Symposium!" 

 - Joe Broz, Ph.D - Defense Capital Advisors 

 "The nurse manager of the stroke unit & I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar on JCAHO Stroke Certification.  We are currently in the process of awaiting our site visit, and Melissa has been very helpful in making this webinar happen for us.  I am new to my role and am constantly looking for new information on stroke certification, and this webinar came along at the perfect time.  Everyone that I had contact with was so helpful and very professional." 

 - Leigh Anne Puckett- Stroke Outcomes Manager 

 "VIP GlobalNet puts on a great show!  The seminar panel was top-notch, well prepared, and gave everyone, even the most seasoned and experienced practitioners, something to take away.  VIP comes by its name honestly.  They responded enthusiastically to a last minute request unrelated to their obligations and accommodated it within minutes, making me feel like a true VIP.  Couldn't have asked for more." 

 - Attorney John Rogitz 

 "Excellent current professional content.  Useful & informative information" 

 - Attorney Shirley Church 

 "Combining post-seminar amenities with a very informative seminar is a great concept.  It adds a valuable element to the continuing legal education experience that is rarely available at other events - namely, a perfect opportunity to network and socialize with other professionals in your area of specialty in a fun, relaxed setting.  I very much enjoyed the entire day." 

 - Attorney Colin Holley