About VIP GlobalNet, LLC.

VIP GlobalNet, LLC. is an information-based company providing numerous forums for the dissemination of top-notch information to clients around the globe through Conferences, Seminars, Expos, Summits, Symposiums and Meetings. Each event is custom-tailored to meet the needs of the topic at hand by providing cutting-edge information through the perfect mix of presentation talent and technology.  

Our Mission...
To facilitate the transfer of relevant knowledge within various industries allowing our participants to maintain a competitive advantage.  

VIP GlobalNet, LLC. brings expertise in starting up federal practices for a number of companies, both large and small, who want to break into the federal marketplace, including lead generation and prospect development, partner development, advising on web and federal publications’ presence, contracting, development of government-specific collateral, and other activities vital to starting up a federal government practice. We provide capture and proposal consulting for federal contractors and commercial companies. 

VIP GlobalNet, LLC. provides business development, capture management, and market intelligence services to companies in the intelligence community and the DoD. We support our client’s meetings with government agencies, potential prime contractors, potential teammates, and potential partners, all with the purpose of driving and closing business. We provide research assistance on upcoming acquisitions within the client’s area of organic expertise as well as near neighbor mission areas.